Women who have undergone breast augmentation have previously been forced to wear dull support bras during a long period of healing. After healing many women have also experienced difficulty finding a bra that fits them well, as the breast often attain a different shape and demand a different kind of support to ensure that the implants stay in place and keep their shape over time.

Ipomia has combined medical and functional features, with an exclusive sensual design.

Ipomia’s collection of lingerie includes: healing bras to wear immediately after breast augmentation and during healing, designed support bras for post augmentation as well as a fashionable line of intimate lingerie designed to wear for the rest of your life.

Dr. Per Hedén:

”I have been deeply involved in developing surgical methods for breast augmentation internationally, written several books and text book chapters on the subject, lectured, and trained plastic surgeons all over the world. We can’t do anything about gravity and over time the implants and the breast tissue are slowly separated. After all these years I’ve noticed the lack of a long term support system that provides better support and hold – not only right after surgery – but over time – to ensure that the implants stay in place and keep their shape.”


Designer Melika Zavareh:

”It’s been a challenging design process, combining the plastic surgeons demands of medical function and fit, while creating a line of bras exclusively designed for women who have undergone breast augmentation. I’ve searched all over the world for special fabrics and materials to create a fashionable lingerie which does not compromise on sensual expression, and at the same time incorporates medical advantages”


Founder Cecilia Kadar:

”After I’d undergone breast augmentation I was given a sports bra to wear for three months. When the tree months had passed and I was able to wear a ”regular bra”, I had difficulty finding one that fit me well. That was when the idea of Ipomia emerged, and now - after two years of development – we’re finally launching our first collection”.


Ipomia – for your new shape
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